The Best Apartment Marketing to Host a Resident Bagel Bar:

Apartment marketing flyers have traditionally been a big part of how community managers market to and communicate with multifamily residents, so these advertisements need to look good and be professional to make a positive impression. Thankfully, technology in the multifamily housing industry has improved so that leasing managers are no longer limited to clip art and can instead incorporate high-resolution photos and professional design to appeal to rental prospects and apartment residents.

Apartment flyers with sophisticated style, appealing aesthetics, hot button leasing concession themes and entertaining elements for renters give credibility to apartment communities and increase occupancy rates and resident renewals.

Who doesn't love an apartment flyer featuring a big, yummy bagel? Celebrate National Bagel Day, host a breakfast-on-the-go or deliver a baker's dozen to your outreach partners. Create buzz-worthy apartment flyers to connect, communicate, persuade, inform, entice, enchant, promote and for all purposes: resident retention, renewal, operations, community management, and apartment maintenance service. Be sure to cover “hot button” rental topics as well as everyday leasing tasks. Apartment collateral only helps you target your audience if you personalize your messages with specific content (look at that bagel!) and this one-on-one approach should be a part of every multifamily community manager’s marketing strategy to get noticed, attract more prospects and retain current residents with consistent communication 

Feel Free to Borrow these Marketing Words For Success:

"Take your pick of these fabulous prizes --- 

"A personal invitation --- 

"Be our guest --- 

"Get ready to enjoy --- 

"Do you enjoy --- 

"The fun begins with --- 

--- will be hours of fun" 

--- a fresh new twist" 

Imagine the fun you'll have.

competition, win, introducing, announcing, entertaining, informal, relaxing, casual, friendly, lively, delicious, adventure, celebration, recreation, festivities, gala, guest

Personalize Multiple, Coordinating Formats to Print or Post Today

Your multifamily local outreach partners have hungry employees who will be delighted to arrive at work and find a baker's dozen from you on National Bagel Day. Get permission from the boss to host a stand in the lobby or front entrance gates. Pop your apartment marketing message on the mini postcards and print. Pick up a box for residents and staff too.

"Hello Resident has been a powerful tool in improving resident communication and renewal ratios. Follow up is now a breeze."

~ Gina B., Multifamily District Manager