What's Happening? Tell Residents With Apartment Community Newsletter Designs:

An apartment community newsletter is a great property management tool since managers can use it to communicate a variety of ideas such as policy reminders, parking rules, landscape changes as well as news about resident events and other renter notices. A resident newsletter is a great way to connect and build sense of community. Property managers should always be “selling the renewal,” and a monthly apartment community newsletter is one more way to do that on a consistent marketing plan.

Continue to remind renters they made the right choice leasing with you, which means you’ll need to keep your customer service, great maintenance staff and property amenities in the spotlight. Remember: Something only has value if your resident remembers it and perceives it as a good thing. Use your monthly apartment newsletter to toot your own horn.

Statistics show that apartment residents trust words from their neighbors or peers most like them. Do you have a few rental testimonials to share? Collect positive renter comments and include in your property management newsletter. Use your valuable newsletter marketing space to continue to sell your amenities and the benefits of renting in your apartment community. The multifamily housing newsletter is not only an instrument of resident retention, but also a marketing tool when handed to rental prospects who tour your model apartment units or when distributed at resident events and outreach partners in your local neighborhood.

Personalize Multiple, Coordinating Formats to Print or Post Today

Consistent resident communication is easy with prewritten rental articles to draw interest and add your apartment community personalized news. Choose a newsletter with resident activity page and community calendar. With 24/7 instant editing, your apartment community newsletter is always on your time schedule.

"With respect to cost - the clear economical choice is Hello Resident over free offerings such as Canva due to the basic investment of employee time, effort and hourly pay rate.  While other offerings do provide templates, Hello Resident offers a vast variation of templates for multiple occasions in various size formations with support team customizations available."

~ Kristie P., Resident Relations Manager